Software Engineering Manager

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Software Engineering Manager

Job description

Communication is our business!

unifonic provides solutions for better customer engagement through a cloud-based platform. We empower businesses to engage with their people through a variety of channels, making their communication conversational, more meaningful, and with ease!

Engineering principle: We ship robust, high-quality code, written for humans to read and maintain!

Software Engineering Manager

The Software Engineering Manager is responsible for defining, leading, and delivering the company’s products on time and budget, overseeing project/product whole life-cycle, communicating closely with key stakeholders, supporting the company’s product portfolio, and continuously improving the product, project, and vendor management process and methodology. The Software Engineering Manager is playing a large part in orchestrating engineers to achieve great results. The responsibilities of the Software Engineering Manager include but are not limited to:

  • Define and own technical product requirements, specifications, and road-maps based on user and business needs by working closely with product, marketing, operations, and sales teams.
  • Work with Product Managers, Designers, Marketers, and Executive Managers to prioritize, schedule, and deliver work, evaluating the progress of work in progress to identify when adjustments need to be made to resourcing.
  • Own, operate, and maintain stakeholders' services.  Employ Agile methodologies to continuously deliver value to customers.  Institute and maintain a rotating on-call incident escalation and response processes for the team.
  • Build and manage the client’s technical solutions and make sure that the proposed designs meet client requirements.
  • Drive engineering process improvements to improve the efficiency and impact of the resources.
  • Partner with product, marketing, sales, operations, and external stakeholders to streamline operations relevant to the company’s products and solutions, and maximize the efficiency of the team's efforts.
  • Participate in industry working groups and conferences to understand industry needs.
  • Lead the research and evaluation of emerging technologies, industries, and market trends to improve the client experiences, assist in project and product development, and operational support activities.
  • Collaborate with internal teams to ensure that products are launched and run successfully. Track performance of releases through metrics. Work closely with delivery, product, marketing, and operations teams to help onboard clients with new features and provide technical training. Be the point-person across the company for the product’s technical road-map, new features, platform integrations, and launch specifics.
  • Institute development best practices to ensure the stakeholders produces high quality, well-architected and supportable code, lead reviews of architecture design and code, and enable a Continuous Integration environment.
  • Serve as the technical owner of the company products, breaking down roadblocks as well as managing communications with stakeholders and dependent teams.  Create a culture of continuous improvement through retrospection.
  • Foster an engineering culture focused on customer satisfaction using a data-driven approach.


  • Hands-on 7+ years of relevant engineering work experience and 4+ hands-on technical management experience in shipping large scale projects with multiple dependencies across teams.
  • Hands-on 5+ years of experience as a PHP or JAVA Developer and 5+ years in database management (MySQL, Casandra... etc).
  • Expert in IP-based real-time multimedia communication technologies and protocols including VoIP, SIP, RTP, Websockets.
  • Solid level of understanding SIP and related protocols like SDP, RTP, and RTCP.
  • Experience with designing, developing, and maintaining services and components within the domain of Voice APIs and or SIP Trunking.
  • Extensive experience with both open source SIP technologies as well as commercial SBC’s.
  • Hands-on experience configuring SIP proxies and B2BUAs.
  • Experience troubleshooting carrier interconnection and VoIP related issues.
  • Solid understanding of WebRTC technology as well as the underlying WebRTC services as voice, video, and messaging.
  • Extensive experience with open source SIP technologies, Video related infrastructure elements as MCUs and SFUs.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Software, or a related discipline or the equivalent.
  • Strong attention to detail while maintaining sight of the big picture.
  • Must be able to spend substantial time interfacing with the offshore teams on a daily basis.
  • Fluent in English with excellent writing/editing and verbal communication skills.