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Regulatory Compliance Officer

Saudi Arabia, Riyadh Province, RiyadhFinance, Legal & Compliance

Job description

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Regulatory Compliance Officer

The Legal & Compliance Team is looking for a Regulatory Compliance Officer to play a key role in building, maintaining, and strengthening the company’s compliance with laws and regulations in KSA. In this role, you’ll work closely with all business functions to ensure the projects are delivered to time, cost, and quality. You will be an expert at communicating compliance issues to internal stakeholders. You will have an astute focus on assisting in driving forward the Company’s compliance program and initiatives that support and enable the compliance goals. You’re a self-starter who is comfortable stepping out of your comfort zone to help the company maintain its compliance goals by tackling the laws and regulations of new markets and those that relate to new products. The successful candidate should have excellent analytical and time management skills. The responsibilities of the Regulatory Compliance Officer in KSA include but are not limited to:

  • Ensure that the organization has an engagement framework with the regulator (CITC).

  • Work hand in hand with management and staff to identify and manage regulatory compliance risks.

  • Maintain and coordinate an open line of communication with all relevant decision makers and stakeholders to keep all parties informed of regulatory communication and impact.

  • Organize regular training sessions for employees to efficiently communicate key regulatory changes and updates.

  • Support in creating and implementing organizational policies, standards, and procedures to comply with applicable regulations.

  • Research industry compliance regulations and policies.

  • Evaluate internal operational and procedural compliance.

  • Maintain regulatory compliance internally through communicating requirements, obtaining approvals, and training stakeholders.

  • Apply for compliance certification and regulatory approval.

  • Develop and maintain a compliance recordkeeping system.

  • Maintain communication with compliance regulators and follow up on applications.

  • Keep up with compliance requirements and amendments to regulations.

  • Identify roadblocks and propose process improvements.

  • Maintain compliance communication register and documentation.

  • Create and manage action plans in response to regulatory compliance audit discoveries and compliance violations.

  • Remediate any regulatory audits, periodic reviews, and compile gaps and action plan.

Job requirements

  • Hands-on 3+ years of experience as a compliance analyst or specialist within an enterprise-level organization.

  • Strong experience in both reviewing and drafting policies and documentation in both Arabic and English.

  • Compliance management or project management certification is a plus.

  • Experience in international standards and local regulatory requirements related to telecommunications, data protection, and data localization.

  • Higher Education/Bachelor’s Degree in Technology or Management field.

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral.

  • Ability to effectively plan, manage and complete projects in line with stakeholders’ needs and expectations, and organizational strategic objectives. 

  • Diligent attention to detail and advanced analytical abilities.

  • Fluent in English and Arabic with excellent writing/editing and verbal communication skills.

Saudi Arabia, Riyadh Province, Riyadh
Finance, Legal & Compliance


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