Market Research Officer

  • Sales
  • Amman, Jordan

Market Research Officer

Job description

The Market Research Officer is responsible for building and maintaining analytical models, analyze consumer demographics, preferences, needs, and buying habits, analyzing data and information to draw both qualitative and quantitative conclusions in order to formulate recommendation approaches for different departments of the company, in particular, the sales and products departments. The responsibilities of The Market Research Officer include but not limited to:


  • Proceed from the Go to Market Plan and validate it in the market through defining prospects based on the number of prospects, their size and the size of the opportunity.
  • Present Unifonic to potential clients.
  • Qualify inbound and outbound prospects based on size and assigning them accordingly.
  • Introduce penetration approach for enterprise accounts.
  • Qualify Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) to Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) through educational activities and qualification processes.
  • Introduce approach to achieve a specific percentage of commercial department's target from new sales.
  • Study new markets and provide feasibility studies to verify company business plans.
  • Record prospect information in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database.
  • Stay up-to-date with new products/services and new pricing/payment plans.


  • Hands-on 2+ years recent experience in Market Research role within Information Technology or Telecom Industry.
  • Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Business Administration or other related fields.
  • Marketing research abilities and ability to draw conclusions.
  • A strong experience working with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills.
  • Fluent in English and Arabic with excellent writing/editing and verbal communication skills.