Director of Product Management

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Director of Product Management

Job description

Unifonic is a customer engagement platform that enables organizations to delight customers with remarkable omnichannel experiences. By unifying communication channels, messaging apps, and chatbots, Unifonic streamlines conversations at every touch point throughout the customer journey.

Product Principle: We build products that take the complexity out of business communication.

Our Approach: We are a team of missionaries that are passionate about learning, accountable to product success, have a deep understanding of our business context, and have tangible empathy for our customers.

Director of Product Management

The Director of Product Management is leading one of the unifonic Products Families and is responsible for a business’s product planning and execution through all lifecycles of the assigned products. The Director of Product Management is defining the vision of the products family, the building of the business plan and budget to achieve the products revenue target, building and execution of product roadmap, and working closely with the product marketing team to build a solid GTM Strategy, features gathering and prioritizing requirements for the product, and collaborating with other directors from the engineering, marketing, and sales departments in order to ensure that the financial and consumer satisfaction goals are met. The Director of Product Management is making sure that the company’s overall strategy and goals are supported by those of the product; that the product goals and strategy are aligned with the overall corporate strategy. The responsibilities of the Director of Product Management include but are not limited to:

  • Oversee and being answerable to the VP of Products and stakeholders for all activities of the assigned products family, also oversee and ensure that the functions of the Product Management, Pricing, Market Intelligence, and Growth Marketing are efficiently and effectively executed.
  • Liaise with other Directors. These are Directors of the engineering, marketing, sales, departments in addition to Design, Business Development, and R&D Teams within the Product Team in order to place the executive management in a position to translate the product needs into requirements and to drive consensus within the product departments, which ultimately promotes the achievement of the product goals.
  • Manage the product managers who each own a specific product line and accordingly are assigned to achieve the target of that product line through Sales, Marketing, Markets, Features, and customer journey planning. This activity starts from the Semi-Annual Budget and roadmap planning, followed by Value Propositions and Go-to-market planning then tracking, analysis, and refinement of the action plan to make sure that the revenue goals are achieved.
  • Build an understanding and cultivate in the products family members the product’s vision, the business case, as well as compile the product planning material necessary for driving product initiatives further with clarity and consensus.
  • Define and oversee the product’s roadmap and managing it as required for the purpose of meeting deliverables for the business. Also, make decisions for features priorities as determined by the business, consumer, and market needs.
  • Engage extensively with consumers in order to gain first-hand insight into the consumers’ and market feedback on the business’s product.
  • Work intimately with the marketing department to develop marketing strategies, lead generation strategies, and sales strategies as well as partner up with the sales department to build on product unit sales implementation as well as support strategies.
  • Conduct relevant product research; establish competitive intelligence and various market analyses that supplement and complement analyses already conducted by product managers. Also, conduct consumer and market research that further aids the business in understanding current and future product needs.
  • Represent the business and promote the product by advocating for its value and benefits at executive briefings, marketing events, online consumer platforms, and so forth.
  • It's a critical role in the pricing practice with a focus on pricing strategy and execution to make sure that the target Gross Margin is achieved.
  • Support the Growth Marketing Function to run experiments of the best optimization of Lead Generation activities.


  • Hands-on 10+ years of recent experience as a Product Manager in a commercial software product company.
  • Previous experience in CPaaS as a leading product management role.
  • Track record of achieving revenue targets with turnover +USD20 Million.
  • Experience managing products through the entire lifecycle with a track record of successful delivery of multiple software/SaaS products.
  • Proficiency in multiple technical areas is required such as front-end technologies, cloud communication technologies, APIs, web services, middleware, etc.
  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Software, or other IT-related field, MBA is preferred.
  • Experienced in agile development processes and acting as the Product Owner for Sprint Teams.
  • Ability to work in a dynamic environment in which the requirements are not always well defined and requirements priorities change frequently.
  • Strong attention to detail while maintaining sight of the big picture, likes to get his hands dirty through execution.
  • Strong technical skills are a plus.
  • Travel is required, including the possibility of overseas travel, the candidate will need to visit the company’s clients and/or partners.
  • Fluent in English with excellent writing/editing and verbal communication skills.