Carrier Operations Advisor

  • Client Operations
  • Amman, Jordan

Carrier Operations Advisor

Job description

Communication is our business!

unifonic provides solutions for better customer engagement through a cloud-based platform. We empower businesses to engage with their people through a variety of channels, making their communication conversational, more personalized, fun, meaningful, and with ease.

Delivery Principle: With our leading solutions, 99.9 % service availability, and excellent 24/7 support, we provide the best customer experience!

Carrier Operations Advisor
The Carrier Operations Advisor is handling operational requests, platform management, account management tasks, and partially operational billing; communicating effectively with internal & external customers ensuring efficient and effective results. The responsibilities of the Carrier Operations Advisor include but are not limited to:

  • Customer System onboarding, off-boarding.
  • Vendor System onboarding, off-boarding.
  • Kick start customers’ accounts over the platform.
  • Managing primary and subsidiary accounts.
  • Managing platform access management.
  • Managing balance, credit, and basic operation financials.
  • Internal/External customer support.
  • Sender Registration across operators.
  • Customer/Vendor Consumption reporting.
  • Escalate bugs and technical issues.
  • Customers and vendors data sanity checks/governance.


Job requirements:
  • Hands-on 3+ years of experience in the tech/telecom industry.
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, or other IT-related field.
  • ITIL Foundation Certified.
  • Basic understanding of Telecommunications.

  • Fluent in English and Arabic with excellent writing/editing and verbal communication skills.

  • Excellent in GSuite (Gmail, GDocs, GSheets, GSlides, etc).

  • Experience in Reporting/BI Tools such as Tableau, and Kibana, as well as project management software like JIRA and Confluence.